A Double Dose of Insights: Aditya Tripathy’s Sessions on Gamification and LinkedIn Mastery at Universal AI University

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On a day marked by excitement and anticipation, MBA students at Universal AI University found themselves privy to back-to-back sessions helmed by the dynamic Aditya Tripathy. Meticulously organized by Harshita Mam, these sessions — one focusing on the fascinating world of gamification for the G10 cohort and the other shedding light on LinkedIn strategies for all cohorts — promised to be illuminating. And they did not disappoint.

What made both sessions a roaring success wasn’t just the content but the man himself. Being of our generation, Aditya’s words resonated deeply. His anecdotes, filled with trials, triumphs, and tribulations, had an indelible impact, making every student reflect on their career journey. His vivacious spirit ensured that these sessions were not just lectures but memorable experiences.


Gamification and G10: Business Meets Play

Aditya kicked off his lecture marathon with the G10 cohort, diving deep into the transformative realm of gamification in business. Drawing from various successful corporate examples, he depicted a world where the lines between gameplay mechanics and business strategies blur. From points and badges to challenges and leaderboards, he illuminated how these seemingly playful elements have driven unprecedented engagement and loyalty in the business realm. For the G10 cohort, this was not just a lecture; it was a preview into the future of business innovations.


LinkedIn Unleashed: Crafting a Digital Legacy

As the room filled with students from all cohorts, the atmosphere was rife with curiosity about the professional networking behemoth: LinkedIn. With the finesse of a maestro, Aditya demonstrated how this platform transcends beyond networking.

He dwelled on:

The Power of Profiles: Crafting impactful headlines, professional portraits, and compelling summaries.

Content Command: Establishing oneself as a thought leader through informed content and engaging discussions.

Strategic Networking: The finer points of connecting with industry giants, maximizing group engagements, and unlocking LinkedIn’s algorithms. Highlighting the unwritten rule of the corporate world, Aditya unveiled how interviewers often delve deep into LinkedIn profiles, dissecting every endorsement, recommendation, and post to gauge a candidate’s potential. As the day concluded, students were left with more than just notes; they carried with them a renewed sense of purpose and a roadmap for the future. Aditya Tripathy’s unique blend of gamification wisdom and LinkedIn prowess, sprinkled with personal stories, was not just informative but transformative. Thanks to Harshita Mam’s vision and Aditya’s execution, this day will be etched in the annals of UAIU as a beacon of enlightenment.


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