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Nurturing Growth and Bonding

Mentor-Mentee Sessions at Universal AI University In the hallowed halls of Universal AI University (UAIU), where the pursuit of knowledge and personal growth is paramount, a unique and invaluable aspect of the student experience stands out – the weekly Mentor-Mentee sessions. These sessions are a testament to the institution’s unwavering commitment to holistic education and […]

Embracing the Future: My Journey at Universal AI University in the Lap of Nature

In the bustling city of Mumbai, where the concrete jungle thrives and the corporate world never sleeps, there exists an oasis of education nestled in the lap of nature – Universal AI University, Karjat. As a student of this prestigious institution, I have had the privilege of experiencing a unique blend of natural serenity and […]

Behind the Scenes at IKEA: A Day of Learning and Discovery

In the world of interior design and home furnishings, there is one name that stands out, offering both quality and affordability – IKEA. Recently, students from the BDI (Business Design and Development) had the privilege of embarking on an industrial visit to IKEA’s store in Panvel, where they not only discovered the inner workings of […]

CaseBlazer Chronicles: A 48-Hour Dive into Experiential Learning at Universal AI University

Starting out on the experiential learning journey at Universal AI University’s Universal Business School was a thrilling ride, and the recent Caze Blazer event emerged as the defining moment of my PGDM experience. Caze Blazer, held on October 27-28, was no ordinary business challenge. This unique event transcended conventional boundaries as we, in groups of […]

A Dynamic Kick-Off: Empowering Beginnings at the New Trimester at Universal Ai University, Karjat, Mumbai, Maharashtra

The commencement of the latest trimester unfolded as a promising chapter, teeming with enthusiasm and achievements. Students, having returned from their ventures into Collaborative Multi-Disciplinary Approach (CMAPS) and Smart Projects, were welcomed with an inspiring symphony of words from the esteemed Program Director, Dr. Harshita Kumar, and the articulate Student Engagement Manager, Perpetual Mathias.   […]