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Mastering the art of management is made possible by pursuing the course, Master of Business Administration (MBA). If you are someone who is willing to become an expert in business management, then it is high time for you to take up an MBA course as 33% of Indian graduates opt for an MBA after UG courses.

This article from Universal AI University reveals all the details on MBA and MBA career benefits for students. Explore the different MBA courses that we offer at Universal AI University along with the benefits of MBA degree.


Range of MBA courses offered at Universal AI University:

Universal AI University is the first AI University in India that offers a wide range of courses in various disciplines. At our university, we offer MBA courses of various varieties that support students from all aspects of life, say full-time students or working professionals.

Here are the complete details of the different types of MBA courses offered at Universal AI University for you to know before exploring the benefits of MBA courses.


Types of MBA Eligibility Criteria Admission Requirements
AICTE Approved Regular MBA

(Specialisations – Business Management/International Business/Business Design & Innovation)

The basic eligibility criteria to pursue a regular MBA is the completion of any UG degree with a minimum of 65% at any recognised educational institution. Admission at Universal AI University is defined by calculating a final score of 100% by considering the below-mentioned factors in the respective ratio.
Academics (10th, 12th, and Grad) – 20%Entrance Exam (CAT/GMAT/CET/CMAT) – 20%

Extracurricular Activities – 20%

Communication and Leadership Skills – 25%

Work Experience – 15%

These five criteria will total up to 100%

Integrated Global MBA The basic eligibility criteria to pursue an integrated global MBA requires at least 65% in 1oth and 12th grade. Admission at Universal AI University is defined by calculating a final score of 100% by considering the below-mentioned factors in the respective ratio.

Academics (10th, 12th, and Grad) – 20%

Statement of Purpose (SOP) – 10%

Extracurricular Activities – 20%

UB SAT (Entrance Exam) – 25%

Personal Interview – 25%

These five criteria will total up to 100%

Executive MBA Candidates should have completed 10+2 with a minimum of 50% aggregate score.

Candidates should have graduated in any bachelor’s degree course with at least 50% aggregate marks at any recognised educational institution.

Candidates should have a minimum work experience of 2 years in any career field.

Admission to the executive MBA at Universal AI University is based on the candidate’s performance in a Personal Interview.


As we mentioned, Universal AI University offers a wide range of MBA courses of international standard for students.


Now, let us explore the scope and benefits of studying MBA for career advancement.


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Scope for an MBA degree:

MBA is one of the prominent choices of undergraduate students for PG. Due to this reason, India has turned into the second largest pool of MBAs in the world as per Times of India.


As per statistics, every year more than 5 million new businesses are recorded worldwide thus creating a magnificent career pool for MBA graduates in the managerial and administration wing. This is a positive sign for the scope of the MBA.

Benefits of an MBA for career advancement:

An MBA degree is the gateway towards first-grade managerial jobs in almost every business sector. Designed with specific importance to managerial education and training, an MBA degree holds a wide range of career benefits that stand evident at the placement agenda.


Take a look at the following benefits of MBA course.

Exclusive Education on Management:

Though a wide range of courses hold a certain curriculum to develop management skills in students, an MBA degree is entirely different from theirs with its exclusive curriculum designed with subjects that educate all possible aspects of business management and administration.


This exclusive education agenda of MBA courses is one of the major MBA career benefits. Students are encouraged to acquire specialised management education in various facets of business such as finance, operations, logistics and supply chain management, marketing, human resource management, etc. which in turn is one of the remarkable benefits of MBA degree to a company on hiring pursuit.


Students planning on boarding to international countries can consider an international business MBA as the benefits of MBA in International Business hold the world agenda.

Managerial Career-Oriented Skill Development:

Another major MBA career benefits is the development of managerial skills which are considered crucial in the business world.


An MBA education holds an equal space for theoretical and practical learning. While theoretical learning offers in-depth management knowledge, practical learning experience inculcates strong managerial skills in MBA graduates.


Some of the remarkable managerial skills developed by pursuing an MBA are as follows:

  • Communication skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Critical Thinking skills
  • Problem-Solving skills
  • Decision-Making skills
  • Team Management skills
  • Organisational skills
  • Analytical thinking skills
  • Stress handling skills
  • Solution designing skills


Top-notch Managerial Career:

On a bigger note, an MBA degree extends a great deal of top-notch managerial career positions in well-established companies and some of them are as follows:

Job Roles Average Salary in INR
Marketing Analyst 4.53 LPA
Marketing Executive 3 LPA
Sales Manager 4.57 LPA
Human Resource Manager 8.13 LPA
Talent Acquisition Specialist 6.5 LPA
Compensation Manager 5 LPA
Financial Analyst 3.5 LPA
Accounting Manager 4 LPA
Business Analyst 4 LPA
Information System Analyst 5 LPA
IT Strategist 10 LPA
Software Manager 15 LPA


Pursuing a global MBA will offer the opportunity to work in foreign companies as well and it is one of the notable benefits of global MBA.


On the whole, an MBA degree is the best choice for launching your career in a high projectile. MBA career benefits are impeccably strong and will certainly help you land great job positions at renowned companies and business establishments.


  • How would an MBA help you advance in your career?

MBA will help one in gaining relevant management and administrative knowledge which is considered a vital part of any business, thus helping to advance one’s career.


  • Is MBA a good career option?

Yes, an MBA is a good career option as there is great demand for MBA graduates in various facets of business such as finance, marketing, operations, human resources, etc.


  • Is MBA safe for future?

Yes, an MBA is a safe career choice for the future as there are an increasing number of business establishments every year which creates a great career pool of graduates with expertise in management and administration.


  • How difficult is MBA?

MBA is not difficult when pursued with interest and utmost dedication to master the skills of management and administration in the field of business.