Global BBA

Universal AI University is in a Global Academic Partnership with Cardiff Met. University, UK (the rich history of the school dating way back to 1865 in Wales UK), leaves no stone unturned ensuring strong academic quality standards. This is considered as one of the best BBA colleges in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
Our graduates will be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge of a multi-disciplinary approach to diverse business, information communication technology and management problems. On completion of a degree covered by the subject benchmark statement, a student should have the subject-specific knowledge and understanding, cognitive skills, practical and professional and transferable skills.

Students have an option of studying entire 3 years in at the Study Centre in Universal AI University, India, or they can opt for 2 years in India with final year at Cardiff, UK.

Program Highlights

  • 1 Mandatory Internship
  •  2 CMAPS (Collaborative Multi-disciplinary Approach towards Problem Solving)
  •  1 SMART Project
  •  3 years of Leadership Development
  •  1 SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Project 
  •  1 Research Paper
  •  1 AI Lab Project 
  • 7 Skills Developed
  • 43% Experiential Learning

The bachelor’s in business administration (BBA) degree is a very popular and vibrant program with Cardiff School of Management. The program aims to provide high quality and professionally relevant undergraduate program which makes the students corporate-ready in the current VUCA world. Here are two options to pursue this course – 3 years in India at Universal AI University or 2 years in India at Universal AI University and 3rd year in the UK (2+1).

Note: The final courses which will be delivered will be approved by the BoS.

Sail & Learn Leadership Program

The Leadership Sail & Learn program offers a unique cultural and innovative educational experience for international students working in teams. Throughout the 7-day program, students visit several islands that help them work across multiple cultures. Besides that, students get to know examples of innovative services and products which help them develop their own ideas within the program itself. The additional workshops on Innovative Marketing help students develop skills to build their marketing plans and strategies with their team and prepare for nal project presentations.Which makes Universal AI one of the best BBA colleges in Mumbai, Maharashrta.

Students are situated on sailboats during the sail and learn program, and share their living space and cabins with other students. Hence, the Leadership part of the program is present through all activities included in the program. The leadership thematic workshops help develop communication skills for international teams and raise team dynamics. Living arrangements on the boat throughout the program are a part of the practical Leadership students face daily—with challenges and tasks aimed at increasing team cohesion and developing an understanding of various leadership styles and working in not only international, but also highly diverse teams based on the cultural, experiential, and educational background of team members.

Sail & Learn Leadership Program Highlights

  • July 15-22nd
  • Designed for upskilling Leadership & Business Management Skills
  • Lectures in class after which students are off sailing in Kvarner Bay
  • Global Exposure
  • 5 European Credit Transfer & Accumulation System (ECTS) Credits

Learners Testimonials


Eligibility Criteria

Universal AI invites applications from all streams and boards (Indian & International). The candidate must either have completed Class XII, or be completing it in the same year in which she/he seeks to begin undergraduate study. Candidates from any stream, or studying any combination of subjects, can apply to any of the undergraduate programs offered at Universal AI University – one of the best BBA colleges in Mumbai, Maharashrta.

Indian Board Minimum of 65% in Class 10th & 12th
IB Board Diploma Holder & Certificate Holder (Min 20 Points & based on overall candidature)
Cambridge Board Minimum of 2 Subjects
Academics SOP Extra Curriculum Activities UBSAT PI
20%  10% 20% 25% 25%

Admissions Process

The entire admissions process is Online. A candidate has to follow the simple 4 steps mentioned below.

STEP 1: Application Process

Fill the Online Application Form (Click Here).
The application fee is INR 2000 / USD 25 / GBP 20 / EUR 22

STEP 2: Documents Required

  • Academic Mark Sheets – 10th, 12th (if available)
  • Statement of Purpose (Download Sample)
  • Two Letter of Reference – School/College/Employer(Sample 1) (Sample 2)
  • Extra-curricular or Co-curricular activities


Duration : 1 hour 45 minutes 100 questions (No Negative Marking)

Test Format – Aptitude Test & Psychometric Test

  • English Language & Comprehension – 20%
  • Quantitative Ability 20%
  • Global & Indian Current Affairs – 20%
  • Analytical & Logical Reasoning 20%
  • Green Thinking and Creativity 20%
Sample paper of UBSAT will be available to prepare once a candidate applies. Exemption from UBSAT, if candidate has already given SAT / ACT / PEARSON / UGAT / CUET.

STEP 4: Personal Interview (PI)

A candidate is tested for attitude, motivation, communication & academic curiosity. The candidate’s past record, academic as well as co-curricular & extra-curricular, forms the main basis of the PI discussion. All PI’s will happen online via Zoom.
Once all four steps are completed, a candidate’s application will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee in full. The final admission decision will take into consideration the overall candidature.
Candidates who perform well in the admission process may be made a provisional offer of admission, even if their Class XII Board scores have not been declared until then.

Fees (Tuition, Boarding & Lodging)

We offer various course options at the undergraduate level which will equip the students with necessary skills and knowledge for a multi-disciplinary approach to diverse business and management problems.
Courses (Cardiff Met. University, UK) Duration Tuition Fees
Global BBA + Sail & Learn Leadership program, PAR University College, Croatia 3 Years (Universal AI) + 7 days (Croatia)*** INR 5.18 Lacs per year (Universal AI)
Global BBA 2 Years (Universal AI) + 1 Year (UK)** INR 5.58 Lacs per year (Universal AI) + GBP 14000* (UK)

Note :

* Visit Partner University website for actual fees. Cardiff Met. University will offer 50% tuition fee scholarships for Universal AI University students who continue their studies at Level 6 /Year 3 or start their PG. This is a highly competitive scholarship that will be awarded to the highest-scoring applicants set out in the terms and conditions.

** For Transfer to UK, there is an additional fee of 2 Lacs from BBA+MBA, and 4 Lacs from BBA as a Transfer Fee.

*** Sail & Learn Leadership program at Croatia is included in the fees (both boarding & lodging).

Boarding & Lodging on Campus

  • Single Room (AC) (Limited rooms available) – INR 2,98,000 / year
  • Dual Sharing Room (AC) – INR 1,88,000 / year
  • Triple Sharing Room (AC) – INR 1,68,000 / year
  • Security Deposit (Refundable) – INR 25,000 / year
  • CSR Activities – INR 5,000 / year 
  • Welcome Kit (Includes University Tie / scarf, T-shirt & Student participation fee in festivals & events) – INR 3,200 / year  
  • Alumni Membership Fee – INR 2,500 / year 

Accommodation & Meals

Accommodation & Meals: We offer single rooms AC (limited rooms available) & dual sharing rooms AC with ensuite washroom, common Living & Dining Room with kitchenette. Fee includes student accommodation, house keeping, soft furnishing, WiFi, laundry, gym & extensive sports facilities. Single Sharing apartments (4 pax) will have a refrigerator, a microwave oven & dressing tables.

Food : We offer 4 Meals / Day with Veg., Jain & Non-Veg. options cooked in separate kitchens by SODEXO (Worlds largest French MNC in quality food services in 80 countries).

International Cost of Living UK GBP 600 to GBP 800 per month

Universal AI University & Cardiff Met. University will support students in arranging residence (in campus or private hall of residence) at Cardiff, UK

Fee Refund Policy

If a student withdraws admission from Universal AI for any reason, he/she is entitled to a refund of all fees paid, after deducting the non- refundable the amount mentioned in the below table provided an email or letter notifying the withdrawal and requesting the refund is received on or before June 15 for the Indian Board students and July 12 for the International Board students.

Date of Fee Payment (on or before) Non-Refundable Fee

March 21INR 10,000
April 30INR 30,000
June 15(Indian Board) / July 12 (International Board)INR 50,000

Scholarships & Loans

Being one of the best BBA colleges in Mumbai, Maharashrta, at Universal AI, we provide Scholarships (upto 50% of the tuition fee) and Loan Facility At Universal AI, we believe in supporting our students in every possible manner. Therefore, there are various types of scholarships which we offer to encourage our students academically.

Economic (EarlyBird) Scholarship- INR 50,000/-

Early Bird Scholarship is applicable to the students who take admission at Universal AI in the Early Admission Round. Applications for Early Bird is valid upto 31st December.

Special Scholarship - INR 50,000/-

The special scholarship of INR 50,000 is available for following categories namely
  1. Children of Armed Forces
  2. Students with domicile in Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura, Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, Puducherry, Lakshadweep, Chandigarh, Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Daman & Diu, Andaman & Nicobar Island, Goa, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka
  3. Siblings Scholarship
  4. Parent as Teacher Scholarship
  5. National / International Sports Scholarship
  6. For anyone who has lost his/her parent due to Covid-19

Merit Scholarship - upto INR 1,50,000/-

Depending on the academic performance, we offer following scholarships to our students:
Indian Board International Board Grade Scholarship upto
80% to 84.99% 30 to 32 20% of the 1st Year Tuition Fees
85% to 89% 33 to 35 30% of the 1st Year Tuition Fees
90% & above 36 & above 50% of the 1st Year Tuition Fees

School Achievement Scholarship- INR50,000/-

Letter of Recommendation from School Counsellor / Principal – Why you should be considered at UAIU?

Means Scholarship - upto INR 1,00,000/-

For families with household income below INR 6,00,000/- p.a.


1) Only one category of special scholarship is applicable per student.

2) Merit Scholarship can not be clubbed with special scholarship.

3) Maximum Scholarship of INR 2,00,000 can be availed per student.

4) Students are eligible for scholarship if their scholarship application is received prior to May. 

5) The Scholarship application form is available here. 

6) All scholarships are at the sole discretion of Universal AI

7) Eligible students’ will receive a Scholarship Award Letter from the Admissions Team.

Education Loans

The following banks offer education loans on their own discretion: Central Bank of India | Bank of India | State Bank of India | Bank of Baroda | Union Bank of India | Punjab National Bank | Axis Bank | Gyan Dhan | CREDILA – An HDFC Ltd. | AVANSE Education Loans | West Bengal Student Credit Card Scheme
Please download the Universal AI University’s Scholarship Application Form from here.