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Dr. Shilpa Shailesh Joshi

Director – Academics


Dr. Shilpa Shailesh Joshi has amassed a career spanning over 23 years, encompassing both research and academics. Her extensive technical teaching background includes holding various leadership positions across three domains: research and development, academics, and data science training. She has contributed her expertise to esteemed institutions such as K.J. Somaiya Institute of Engineering and Vivekananda Institute of Technology (Mumbai) as a senior research fellow and corporate trainer at Emerging India Analytics.


Notably, Dr. Shilpa Shailesh Joshi’s most recent academic tenure was as Director of Academics at Regenesys Business School, India/Johannesburg. In this role, she oversees the comprehensive execution of academic operations, from establishing the academic department to ensuring its smooth functioning. Her responsibilities extend beyond administrative duties; she actively contributes to brand-building initiatives, fosters team cohesion through effective team-building strategies, and spearheads faculty development programs. Through these diverse responsibilities, she has played a pivotal role in shaping the academic landscape of the institution.


Dr. Shilpa Shailesh Joshi earned her Ph.D. in Electronics from VESIT, Mumbai, India, in 2019, following her Master in Technology from Mumbai University in 2011. Her doctoral research, spanning five years, focused on image processing for accurate and early-stage diagnosis and malignancy prediction during primary investigations. This research has garnered recognition, resulting in a patented invention under number 11 2018210421. Furthermore, she has demonstrated commitment to innovation and excellence through her participation in the Avishkar research convention organised by the Government of India, earning a silver medal for innovation in AI-based research in both 2016 and 2018. Additionally, she showcased her research on AI-based Accurate Anomaly Detection using Advanced Image Enhancement Techniques at the International Conference held at Brunel University, U.K., in 2018.


Faculty: AI/ML/Data Science/Business Analytics


Academic Degrees: Doctorate, Masters of Engineering , Bachelor’s of Engineering, all in Technology.


Industry Experience: 3 Years

Academic Experience: 24 Years