Dr. Tapas Sengupta

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Dr. Tapas Sengupta

Assistant Professor
Joining Date: 2/10/2021
Association: Regular
Specialization: Operations


Dr Tapas Sengupta is a Science Graduate and has qualified himself as B. Tech, Electronics & Telecom from Allahabad University. Thereafter, he has completed his two-year academic course in Business Management from IIM Indore followed by his fellow program in Management (Finance & Economics), IIM Indore.


His professional journey is marked with exposures of some of the leading organizations like ITI LTD (A Public Sector Company), Reliance Communications Limited, Nokia Siemens networks, Aircel Limited and DDSL solutions. His forte lies in Product Development, Supply-chain Management, Technology, Project Evaluation, budget control, Merger and acquisition. Besides, Dr Sengupta’s career is marked with insightful exposure in the diverse business domain and his keen academic interest as a visiting faculty and guest speaker is dotted with his experience in end to end academic and student activity management.


Incidentally, he is proficient in team management and has a wide knowledge base on Science, Technology, Finance, Economics, and other related subjects. Furthermore, he has an entrepreneurial drive with a business acumen and thus could successfully leverage gains in revenue, market share and profit performance in various assignments, that could turn around companies on a fast growth track and profitability.