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A professor who is well known to for her financial literacy and discipline, Prof. Krutika Sawant has a Master’s degree in commerce as well as Master’s degree in Management Studies in Finance. She started her professional journey with Motilal Oswal as a Research Analyst where she gained her knowledge about the Stock Market and its working.

Krutika started her academics career with Alamuri Ratnamala Institute of Engineering & Technology as an Assistant Professor and Examination Head where she helped students not just in their academic’s part but also to improve their financial knowledge part. She is expert in finance and accounting with a deep passion in teaching all facts related to finance which includes practice and application of the fundamentals into corporate and cost-management accounting; has organized various seminars, discussions and events related to quantitative or analytical financial management. She is truly passionate about helping students to develop a strong understanding of financial concepts and their practical applications in the real world.

Apart from helping students in their academics Prof. Krutika Sawant have also helped students to develop discipline in their goal-setting and time-management skills which are essential in landing positions that promise good compensation and notable community stature.