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B.Tech CS in Data Science

Taking off the burden of mass analysis manually, data science has invaded with so many more functional options that help the modern digital world.


As in the case, experts in the field of digital bandwidth consider data science to hold a great future career and encourage students to take up data science courses such as B.Tech CS in Data Science.


If you think you should also pursue one, but want to know about its future prospects before opting, then here you are on the right page.


This blog of us, Universal AI University will talk about everything about B.Tech in Data Science and its future prospects for you.


Start reading now.



  • Fundamental Details of B.Tech CS in Data Science at Universal AI University
  • Future Scope and Value of BTech in Data Science Engineering
  • Career Options after BTech in Data Science
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs


Fundamental Details of BTech in Data Science at Universal AI University:

As one of the leading universities in India, we offer a remarkable B.Tech CS in Data Science course for students and here are the fundamental details of the course for you to know.


Course Description:

A unique undergraduate program, the BTech in Data Science is intended to provide a comprehensive education covering all aspects of data science in the technological world. 


In this course, students will learn about data extraction techniques, algorithms, and methodologies as well as how to use collected data to build robotics and automated systems.



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BTech in Data Science course is offered for a duration of 4 years at our Universal AI University, one of the leading colleges in India.


Eligibility Criteria:

The basic B.Tech Data Science eligibility criteria at Universal AI University are as follows:


  • Candidates should have completed a 10+2 with physics, chemistry, and mathematics as compulsory subjects and one optional science subject.
  • Candidates should have scored a minimum of 50% aggregate in 10+2. 

Admission Procedure:

Admission to BTech Data Science is by conducting our own entrance examination namely UBSAT followed by personal interviews.



B.Tech Data Science syllabus is curated by industrial experts to provide clear understanding of the various aspects of data science for a string career foundation.


Some of the important B.Tech Data Science subjects include database management, business analytics, data visualization, software engineering, python programming for data analytics, data warehousing, data processing and simulation modeling.


Getting a clarity on B.Tech CS in Data Science course, shall we move on to see what is the future prospects of this course.


Future Scope and Value of BTech in Data Science Engineering:

As data science is turning into one of the indispensable pillars in the business world, “data science the future” will be a right tag.


The data science industry has shown significant growth in recent years and is expected to grow better in future years, thus extending great career opportunities for students with data science degrees. Take a look at the expected growth of the data science industry within the next few years.

Source: Precedence Research


This graph prominently displays the massive development of the data science industry and strikes a positive sign for a career with B.Tech in Data Science.


As the industry is growing rapidly, you can find the following future prospects.


  • Businesses and organizations are increasingly using data to drive decision-making, improve efficiency, and gain competitive advantages. This has led to a surge in demand for data scientists, engineers, and analysts.
  • Data science is being applied across sectors such as finance, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and technology, creating diverse opportunities for graduates.
  • The integration of AI and machine learning with data science is creating new possibilities for automation, predictive analytics, and innovation.
  • Advancements in big data technologies like Hadoop, Spark, and NoSQL databases are enabling the processing and analysis of vast amounts of data, further enhancing the scope of data science roles.
  • Data science professionals often command high salaries due to their specialized skill sets and the critical nature of their work.
  • Data science is instrumental in addressing societal challenges such as healthcare improvements, climate change, and urban planning.


On the whole, the future prospects of B.Tech in Data Science is remarkable and thus invites young minds to establish their profession in it.


Let us have a glance at some of the popular data science future jobs.


Career Options after B.Tech in Data Science:


Job Roles Role  Average Salary in India(INR)
Computer Vision Engineer Developing and implementing algorithms and systems that enable machines to interpret and make decisions based on visual data. 6.9 LPA
Data Analyst Interpreting data to help organizations make informed business decisions. This role involves collecting, processing, and analyzing data to extract meaningful insights. 6.24 LPA
Machine Learning Engineer Specializes in designing, building, and deploying machine learning models and systems. This role combines software engineering with knowledge of machine learning algorithms and data science.  6.7 LPA
Robotics Programmer Writing and implementing the software that controls robots and automated systems. This role requires a combination of programming skills, understanding of robotics hardware, and knowledge of control systems. 3.45 LPA
Software Engineer Designs, develops, tests, and maintains software applications and systems. This role involves a combination of coding, problem-solving, and collaboration with other team members to create efficient, reliable software solutions. 6.94 LPA


As we see, the BTech Data Science course holds a great career scope in the future and choosing it will thus be a right career choice.



On reaching the conclusion, it is clear that the career value and future prospects of B.Tech CS in Data Science course is incredible thus welcoming the students of this decade to take it for a great future.



  • What is the future of B.Tech in data science?

The future of B.Tech in Data Science is remarkable with its market value expected to grow more than USD 500 billion by 2032, thus extending a great range of career opportunities.


  • Is BTech in data science a good option?

Yes, BTech in Data Science is a good option as the industry develops massively with a great number of career opportunities such as data analyst, data scientist, IT specialist, etc.


  • What is the scope of B.Tech CSE data science?

As the data science industry is developing notably, BTech CSE Data Science has a great career scope in and around India.


  • What is the salary of BTech in data science?

The salary of BTech in Data Science ranges between INR 4 LPA to INR 9 LPA on average.