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There are only so many options available to graduates who want to pursue a postgraduate course to get the best education and experience possible to secure their future careers. Management roles are all the rage for big salary hikes, and MBAs are one of the most popular postgraduate courses people opt for to break into those coveted management positions.


But MBAs can be very expensive and may not offer the best return on investment simply because there are so many MBA graduates out there. Thankfully, there is another postgraduate course available that offers the same benefits as an MBA and usually offers a better ROI. These courses, called PGDM, can be found offered in business schools around the world, including Universal AI University too.


Thus, in this blog, we will discuss more about PGDMs in general, and then take a deeper look at the different types of PGDM courses available at Universal AI University.


What is a PGDM?

A PGDM, which stands for Postgraduate Diploma in Management, is a 2-year diploma program that is offered by many autonomous institutions recognised by the AICTE in India. All AIU-approved courses, including PGDM equivalent to MBA AICTE too.


The eligibility criteria for admission to most PGDM programmes are as per AICTE guidelines for PGDM in most B-schools too, which is any graduate degree. However, most institutions are free to add their own criteria for admission to the courses they offer.


There are many different types of PGDM courses too, specialising in often the same kind of subjects that an MBA does. The table below shows some of the common features across most PGDM courses that you can find in our country.


PGDM Full-Form

Post Graduate Diploma in Management

PGDM Course Level


PGDM Duration

2 years

PGDM Types/ Modes

Full-time, Part-time, Online, Distance

PGDM Eligibility

Graduation in any stream

PGDM Examination Type

Semester / Trimester System

Admission Process

Entrance Exams/ Merit (other criteria depend on the college)

Average Fees

INR 3-12 Lakhs

Average Salary

INR 4-10 LPA

Top Areas of Recruitment

Banks, Market Research, Education, Consultancies, Marketing Agencies, Law Firms, Entertainment Portals, Hotels and Resorts, etc.

Top Recruiters

McKinsey & Company, The Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte, PwC, EY, Accenture, etc.


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The Different Types of PGDM at Universal AI University

While PGDM and MBA are equivalent in the eyes of the AICTE, the 5 different PGDM courses available at Universal AI University are in a different league altogether. All of these courses are designed to accentuate the business skills of students with the help of top-of-the-line infrastructure like:

  • Quantum Computing AI Lab
  • AR Lab
  • VR Lab
  • MR Lab
  • IoT Lab
  • Thomson Reuters Global Trading Room


Another cool feature that is found in all these 5 types of PGDM courses is the integration of AI skills, which include topics such as:

  • Data Science using SAS
  • Introduction to R programming
  • Python Programming


In these programs, which are comprised of 80% of experiential learning, the first year includes modules such as:

  • Leadership Development Potential
  • Mentoring
  • Wisdom Towards Self Excellence
  • Management of Self
  • Experiential Learning Toolkit
  • SMART Project
  • CMAPS (Collaborative Multidisciplinary Approach towards Problem Solving)
  • Summer Internship (2 months)
  • Design Thinking Workshop
  • Research Paper Publication
  • Consulting Aptitude Project
  • Sports


Universal AI University’s PGDM programs are also usually awarded in collaboration with foreign universities and as such their degrees are even recognised by European and US standards. These 5 types of PGDM courses are also mostly dual-specialisation, which means students can choose from one major and one minor subject to specialise in.


Now without further ado, let us look into these programs in a little more detail.


PGDM Single

This is the only single specialisation PGDM available at Universal AI University. Students can opt to choose their specialisation in the second year of this course, between:

  • Marketing Management
  • Operations/ International Supply Chain Management
  • Financial Management, and
  • Human Resources Management (HRM)


Students also have the option to study for one month in Europe to gain an international certificate and get exposure to business in foreign environments. The following modules can be studied by the students who opt for this pathway:

  • International Entrepreneurship
  • Contemporary International Marketing Strategies


PGDM (Foreign Collaboration)

This 24-month dual specialization PGDM is offered by Universal AI University in collaboration with Cardiff Metropolitan University in the UK. Out of the different types of PGDM courses available out there, this course also holds the distinction of being in collaboration with the same international university that had the first AICTE-approved International MBA degree in India.


Students who opt for this course get the same syllabi with all the added bells and whistles as the single PGDM but with the option to choose two electives. Also, they get the opportunity to attend the Learning Fortnight in the UK for 2 weeks and go to their graduation ceremony in Cardiff (the degree is awarded by Cardiff Met).


PGDM (Business Management)

This PGDM Business Management course is also a dual-specialisation one and is geared towards students who want to access the skills and thought process of the top CXO’s out there. Just like the other two types of PGDM courses discussed before, this one also:

  • Is an internationally recognised qualification
  • Offers a choice between specialisations in Marketing Management, Operations/ International Supply Chain Management, Financial Management, and Human Resources Management (HRM).


There is however another specialisation available in Business Analytics.


PGDM (International Management)+ GMP

This PGDM course in International Business is also available with the same syllabi and extra features that are available in every other PGDM at Universal AI University. The difference starts when students enter the 2nd year of this course, as they are made to choose between:

  • Marketing (Major) & Business Analytics (Minor)
  • Finance (Major) & Business Analytics (Minor)
  • Operations (Major) & Business Analytics (Minor)
  • Marketing (Major) & Operations Chain (Minor)
  • Marketing (Major) & Finance (Minor), or
  • Marketing (Major) & Business Design & Innovation (Minor).

PGDM (Business Design & Innovation)

This PGDM with Dual specialisation allows students to choose a combination of Majors like Marketing Finance and Operations along with Minor specialisations in Business Analytics Business Design & Innovation and Operations & Supply Chain Management, in association with KPMG.


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In conclusion, we can see that there are quite a few types of PGDM courses available at Universal Ai University. All of these courses are accepted in foreign countries as they have both foreign and Indian accreditations and open a path to graduates for successful careers in the international business world.


So if you are thinking about pursuing PGDM, check out Universal AI University’s website for more details.




  • What is AICTE?

AICTE stands for All India Council for Technical Education, which is the body that certifies and accredits all educational institutions that offer professional courses in the country.

  • How many types of PGDM course are there?

There are innumerable types of PGDM courses out there if we talk about the specialisation that they offer. At Universal AI University, there are a total of 5 to choose from.

  • In which field PGDM course is best?

There is no best field for PGDM as it is all subjective and depends on a variety of factors like background, work experience, etc.

  • Which PGDM has highest salary?

This is hard to say as it depends on a lot of factors such as the employer, role, country of work, etc, but generally, in India, PGDM in IT services and consulting seem to have the higher average salaries of 6.6 LPA overall as freshers.


  • Is PGDM harder than MBA?                                     

No. PGDMs usually involve the same or even lighter coursework than MBAs. However, the accelerated rate at which the curse is taught might make it seem hard to some people.