BCom vs. BBA: Which One is Right for You?

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The impeccably expanding business arena of the world today has a huge demand for super-skilled business-educated professionals who can contribute remarkably. As the opportunity canal expands, students strive to take business courses that can drop them into the business gallery. Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) are the prominent business courses that have a hard-hitting demand among the student community. As per statistics, around 23% of commerce students have taken up BCom while 47% of students have taken up BBA after 12th. 

Now, let us find which one is the right one for you, BCom Vs BBA.


Course Highlights of BCom and BBA at Universal AI University:

Universal AI University, one of the best universities in India offers a wide range of educational courses including BCom and BBA. Here are the course details of BCom Vs BBA.


Course  Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
Course Description The Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) course is designed to educate students on the commerce-oriented concepts, techniques, tactics, and methodologies that are incorporated in the business field. The BBA course is focused on developing the skill sets required for the business kingdom, which includes accountancy, economics, marketing, administration, and management.
Level  Undergraduate Level Undergraduate level
Duration 3 years 3 years
Eligibility Criteria
  • Candidates should be a minimum of 17 years of age.
  • Candidates should have completed 10+2 with commerce stream in any recognized educational institution.
  • Candidates should have scored a minimum of 65% aggregate in 10+2.
Admission Procedure At Universal AI University, students have to appear for the UBS Aptitude Test (UBSAT) and Personal Interview (PI).

Considering the following factors admission is provided:

Academics – 20%

SOP – 10%

Extracurricular – 20%

UBSAT – 25%

PI – 25%


Having seen the course highlights of  BCom VS BBA, let us know more about these courses to find which one suits you best.


Comparison between BCom and BBA:

Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Business Administration have their own pathways into the business world. Here is a quite penetrating comparison to know the difference between BBA and BCom to help you choose the right one.


Syllabus of BCom Vs BBA:

The syllabus of BCom and BBA are designed with more of a common ideology with the slightest deviations at certain junctions. 

Know the difference here.

BCom Syllabus BBA Syllabus
BCom syllabus is concentrated majorly on the finance and commerce part of the business entity along with a touch of managerial and administrative educational concepts. BBA syllabus is curated to provide education on all the primary concepts of business including finance, commerce, business laws, business ethics, etc. along with a strong managerial and administrative education


So, on comparing BCom Vs BBA subjects, it is clear that students aspiring to end up in technical sections of business entities such as finance, commerce, etc. should take up BCom while students aiming for managerial positions should choose BBA.


Job opportunities of BCom Vs BBA:

Job opportunities after BCom and BBA are divergently different. BCom majorly offers job opportunities in the dynamic sections of business such as finance, commerce, logistics, etc. while BBA introduces majorly to managerial and administrative jobs in the operations facet of the business.

Still, BCom and BBA graduates get the chance to work on interchanged job posts.

Take a look at the different job options available for BCom Vs BBA:


Job Role after BCom Job Role after BBA
Budget Analyst Financial Manager
Accountant  Investment Portfolio Manager
Management Consultant Bank Branch Manager
Computer Programmer Employee Relationship Manager
Auditor  Marketing Executive
Cost Accountant Operations Executive
Business Consultant Logistics Executive
Investment Banker Project Manager


So, to find your way into the technical career pathway take up BCom while for the operational and managerial career pathway take up BBA.


Salary Scale of BCom Vs BBA:

BBA Vs BCom Salary is more or less equivalent which might show a minimal difference based on certain job positions and the working company.


Course Lowest Salary Average Salary Highest Salary


Take a look at the graph below to learn more about the salary scale for various BCom and BBA jobs.

Source: Self-created

Source: Self-created


BCom for MBA Vs BBA for MBA:

One of the major concerns among students is “BBA or BCom which is better for MBA?”  

Let us decode it. 

MBA is considered to be a complete business managerial and administrative education course. So, it is better to pursue a BBA if you want a complete business management education from the basic level to the advanced level. On the other hand, if you consider having strong knowledge in both technical and managerial aspects of business, then BCom can be a better choice for you before your MBA.

As a whole, BCom Vs BBA have their own track and modules to educate and prepare students for the business world. Now, let us know why you should choose us for your education.


Why is Universal AI University the right choice for you?

Universal AI University holds the privilege of being among the top universities in India. Here are the top reasons to choose us:

  • Highly educated expert faculties.
  • Leadership lessons from global CEOs and business leaders.
  • Enhanced experiential learning methodologies.
  • STEM-infused BBA curriculum focussed on future technologies.
  • 80% practical learning in 100% residential programs.



On the whole, Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Business Administration, both have equivalent value in different prospects of the business world. BCom VS BBA is your choice, but both offer a great career establishment in the business world. Analyse and understand which suits you better, but both are top business education choices at the undergraduate level. Hope this article helped you to know about BCom Vs BBA.




  • Which course is easy to study B.Com or BBA?

Both BCom and BBA are easier to study and understand if the student holds a great interest towards business studies. BCom is much easier for commerce students while BBA is considerably easier for all stream students.

  • Which is more in demand BBA or BCOM?

BBA is considerably in more demand than BCom as it is considered the base step towards a Master of Business Administration (MBA) course. Yet, an MBA can be pursued after BCom as well.

  • Can I change from BCOM to BBA?

Switching over from BCom to BBA is not possible in most of the colleges while certain colleges offer a chance in the first year alone as the first-year syllabus is more or less the same in BCom and BBA.

  • Can a commerce student do BBA?

Yes, commerce students can do BBA. In fact, all stream students can pursue a BBA after 12th grade as it is a business education course applicable for all industrial streams.