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Gear up for an exciting journey into innovation central! The G10 crew at Universal AI University, consisting of 60 students divided into groups of six, each representing backgrounds in marketing, finance, operations, and HR. Embarked on a groundbreaking project called Collaborative Multi- Disciplinary Approach Towards Problem Solving (CMAPS). This initiative provided a unique opportunity for the students to collaborate with 10 diverse companies and diverse industries.

In the 25-day project, our students didn’t just leave the campus; they zoomed into the future.


Talking about their time with companies like Coffee Clique, Romaco India Pvt Ltd, Rotom Consultant, Dainik Bhaskar, Pepcus, Spino Group of Companies, Amoli Organics Pvt Ltd, Purex Travels, Mehta Tea Pvt Ltd, Spacewood Solutions Private Ltd, Vintech Polymer, Forbes Marshall, the learners said, “It’s not just a project; it was an awesome journey that teaches us about project stuff, teamwork, and how industries work.” Embarking on market research and data analysis, turning every challenge into a big win.

Teams collaborated with different companies, taking on various challenges like deciding between printed and digital news or fixing issues like employee retention turnover. Learners said, “Jumping into CMAPS was like unlocking secret skills in project stuff, market research, and more – a super adventure!”


These stories aren’t just reviews; they’re proof that the G10 crew rocked at turning real-world problems into solutions. CMAPS isn’t just a project; it’s an awesome experience where learners meet real hurdles in an elegant way.

But wait, there’s more! Picture this: students making super teams, diving into the real world, and coming out not just with answers but with a bag full of skills that go beyond textbooks. From solving big problems to understanding markets, CMAPS was like a magic lab for crafting professionals.


As the G10 crew heads back to campus, they don’t just have solutions; they have the power of innovation and a high-five from the faculty. The echoes of CMAPS stick around, showing how much Universal AI University cares about making learning fun and exciting.

CMAPS Experience of G10 students


Join the celebration of the G10 crew’s adventure – a mix of crazy ideas, teamwork, and success. The future is here, thanks to the super-smart learners at Universal AI University. Don’t just read; jump into the world of CMAPS!

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