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Today’s world has befitted itself with enormous business empires and establishments. Loaded with smart minds working on a broad business scope, the world today has been turned into a business arena. This business arena is like a never-ending spring, keeps blooming with new businesses constantly and thus it creates a huge career pool for business graduates. Business graduates chiselling themselves with the best business education course, the global BBA program have a grand career awaiting in the global business gallery.

This article will reveal the global BBA program and the great advantages it holds for students.

Global Bachelor of Business Administration course at Universal AI University:

The Global BBA program is an opportunity to learn business management and administration in global aspects and we at Universal AI University offer a remarkable global BBA course. Here are the global BBA Management course details.


Course Insight:

Global BBA, i.e., BBA in Global Business is an undergraduate business education program that educates business concepts and strategies in the global aspects.

This course holds a great range of syllabi that inculcates a strong knowledge of various business practices, business management, administration, etc.

Global BBA program is a 4-year program wherein students get an opportunity to pursue part of their course, either 1 or 2 years in top foreign business schools.

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Eligibility Criteria:

The basic global BBA course eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Candidates should have completed 10+2 with a minimum of 65% aggregate score at any recognized educational institution.

The eligibility criteria to pursue the global BBA program at Universal AI University are tabled below:





Extra Curricular Activities






Admission Procedure:

Admission to the global BBA program at Universal AI University is provided in 4 steps and here they are.

Step 1: Submit the online application form.

Step 2: Submit the documents required for admission and include academic mark sheets, statement of purpose, letter of reference, etc.

Step 3: Attend the UB SAT Entrance Exam.

Students who have already appeared for SAT/ ACT/ Pearson/ UGAT/ CUET can be exempted from UB SAT.

Step 4: Based on the performance in the entrance exam, students will be called for a personal interview (PI).

Finally, based on all the eligibility criteria admission to the global BBA program will be provided.

Benefits of studying Global BBA Program:

The Global BBA program is the best primary-level opportunity for students aspiring to establish themselves in the business world. This course holds a great range of benefits that has the potential to develop a successful career. Here are some of the benefits of BBA course in global business.


Opening to learn professional business education:

One of the major benefits of BBA degree in global business is that it offers a great opportunity to explore professional business education. Everyone can learn business concepts from various sources, but professional business education in global standards can be obtained only through a global BBA program. 

Here is a student survey data, that reveals “professional business learning” as the third most reason for students to pursue BBA.

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Channelised Syllabus with global aspects:

The Global BBA Program is curated with a syllabus that provides a strong foundation in global business aspects. As an outcome, students pursuing global BBA get to learn business education in global standards.

Here is the global BBA detailed syllabus:

Semester I

Semester II

Introduction to Marketing

Finance for the Managers

Business Economics

Law and the World of Business

Managing People at Work

Business Information Systems

Introduction to Psychology

Design Thinking and Innovation

Introduction to Sustainability and Development (SDG Project)

SMART Project (Rural / Social Immersion)

Semester III

Semester IV

Business in Action

Money and Investment / Marketing Communications for Managers

Contemporary Operations Management

Internship / Work Experience

Business Research Reporting

Ethical and Sustainable Business Practices

Data Visualisation

Collective Bargaining and Negotiation Skills

CMAPS (Social) + LDP


Semester V

Semester VI

Strategic Management 

Change Leadership

Innovations and Entrepreneurship

Capital Markets and Derivatives / International and Global Marketing

Strategic Brand Management

Ethical Supply Chain Management

Introduction to New Age Technologies, IoT, AI, AR/VR/MR & Robotics

Research Paper / Project

CMAPS (Corporate) + LDP

AI Application in Business

Semester VII

Semester VIII

Banking and Insurance / Green Marketing


On-board Job Training

Behavioural Finance / Digital and Social Media Marketing

Security Analysis and Portfolio Management / Sales & distribution

International Political Economy

AI-Based Application in Finance/Marketing (Projects)


Opportunity to study at top foreign business schools:

The Global BBA program offers a significant advantage to the students and it is an opportunity to pursue part of their course in top foreign business education institutions.

Candidates pursuing a global BBA program can pursue 1 year of their course in the tied-up foreign universities and gain significant exposure to the various global business strategies and practices such as the benefits of BBA in marketing, finance, etc according to the global standard.

Significant career opportunities:

Scope after BBA is tremendous thus offering significant career opportunities worldwide.

As per GMAC, the demand for business school graduates continues to grow, and here is an insight into it:

Source: GMAC

The demand has even risen higher in 2021, as in the year 2022 around 3.34 million new businesses have been established creating numerous career options after BBA.

Global BBA offers career scope not just in India but on a global level, thus defining great job opportunities after BBA in abroad. A wide range of jobs such as investment banker, marketing specialist, finance strategist, and much more are available with a large salary scale.

The best step towards MBA:

Graduates with any UG degree can pursue Global MBA+BBA program, but global BBA already imparts a strong business field knowledge thus preparing students in advance for better MBA education.

A wide range of MBA specialisations are offered thus helping to strengthen the career in the corporate world.


The global demand for business education graduates is never-ending with increasing business entities every passing year. Thus students pursuing a global BBA program will enjoy a great career in top managerial and administrative positions at top business establishments.



  • What is global BBA course?

Global BBA course is an undergraduate business education program in global standards that is offered at top business schools in and around India.


  • What is the salary of BBA Global business? 

The starting salary scale of BBA Global Business is around INR 8 LPA while the average salary scale is around INR 13 LPA. With experience, the salary can spike up to INR 38 LPA.


  • Can I get a job in abroad after BBA?

Yes, students can get jobs abroad after BBA as a great range of jobs such as finance specialist, marketing consultant, tax consultant, operations manager, etc are available after BBA


  • Can students pursue MBA after global BBA without entrance?

Mostly no. Top business schools provide MBA admission only based on the entrance exams to qualified candidates. 


  • What are the entrance exams available for MBA?

Some of the popular entrance exams for an MBA are GMAT, SAT, CUET, CAT, GSAT, etc.